Monday, October 08, 2012

Why Cotton Ridge Church Is Awesome - It Has A Biblical Leadership Structure

The New Testament is clear that God's church should be led by a plurality of God-called elders/pastors. Cotton Ridge Church is living that out.

The first person to enlighten me to the idea of an elder-led church was my friend Brian Sanders. We were both students at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, and we both had a habit of bucking convention. I was reluctant to accept the idea...until I studied what the New Testament had to say. It quickly became clear that the church leadership structure that I had experienced all my life was not biblical.

As the months and years passed, I studied the works of John MacArthur, Mark Dever, and Alexander Strauch. These men, as well as some others, convinced me beyond any doubt that God has neither remained silent on the issue of church leadership, nor has he simply left it up to our own devices. (Discover what the Bible teaches about church leadership at or purchase Alexander Strauch's book by clicking the image on the left.)

However, in the years since graduating from seminary, the churches that the Lord led me to serve were all congregational-led. "No problem," I imagined. "After all, no church is perfect. I'll just present the congregation with the biblical teaching and they'll be glad to change their ways. After all, that's what happened to me. Aren't all Christians willing to conform to God's Word?" I know, I know. I was young and naive. Apparently for some churches, the value of obeying Scripture falls somewhere behind the values of tradition and control.

For almost 20 years I've been praying that the Lord would allow me to serve in an elder-led church. God has answered my prayers at Cotton Ridge! I cannot thank the Lord enough for giving me the privilege to serve him, and especially to serve him in a church that takes God's Word seriously.


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