Wednesday, June 30, 2010

God's Plans or Our Plans?

Always allow for God to interrupt you.

This week our church's Student Ministry is at Falls Creek for youth camp. It's a great spiritual experience for students (and adult sponsors as well).

My two youngest children aren't old enough for the youth group, so I stay behind with them. (It's also good to have at least one pastoral staff member in town.) I do, however, always make an appearance at youth camp. I'll never forget that on the day God called me to serve Him vocationally, my pastor, Jimmy Draper, was there to encourage me. It's important to know the big kahuna cares.

Both this year and last year during Falls Creek week, I planned to drive down on Thursday to be with the group. But the Lord had other plans. Both years there happened to be at least one student who couldn't ride down with the youth group on Monday. So, both years I volunteered to change my calendar around and take the students.

Here's the best part: Last year, the lost student I drove to Falls Creek prayed to receive Christ. The same thing just happened this year.

All it takes for God to move in people's lives is to make yourself available to Him. Allow Him to interrupt your plans.



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