Thursday, January 29, 2009

Random Thoughts on President Obama

Here's a few random thoughts on Barack Obama's presidency:
  • It's good to see so many people with an optimism for their country again.
  • Having Barack Obama as our president has already helped people--especially people of color--come to a realization that they can achieve their dreams.
  • If our presidential inaugurations are going to be huge festivities, more care should be taken to make them well-run (the worst poem in inauguration history, a Milli-Vanilli imitation by Yo Yo Ma and friends, and a nullified oath of office that a million people can say they witnessed).
  • Speaking of the oath of office, I would like to see someone make an affirmation to uphold the Constitution instead of an oath, given Jesus' comments about oaths in Matthew 5. Affirmations are constitutional. Read it.
  • It speaks poorly of Barack Obama's view of the military that he was the first president in 56 years to skip the "Salute to Heroes" Ball, where 48 Medal of Honor winners were snubbed by him. He spent time with Hollywood dignitaries instead.
  • I appreciate many of the decisions President Obama has made. Having openness in government is a necessity. I have never been at ease with the argument that says liberties must be exchanged for security.
  • Barack Obama issued an order that tax dollars be used to promote abortions abroad. This is unconscionable, but not surprising for anyone knowing his voting record.
  • Mr. Obama also called for a repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act. He declared his intentions to give privileges to homosexual couples. This was done to return support to the homosexual activist crowd that seeks to destroy the biblical concept of marriage.
  • The socialist economic policies begun by President Bush have already been accelerated to frightening levels by President Obama.
It will be an interesting four years. What will be even more interesting is if the political pendulum doesn't start to swing back to the right.



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