Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Beautiful Flower of Christmas

The poem below was written by Dr. Jack Griffin, a friend of mine at the church I serve.

The babe in the manger was a flower about to bloom.

The light around him was brilliant as it filled that hay-filled room.

The babe was nurtured by a loving mother, and grew in wisdom and love.

The plan for His life was carried out by His heavenly Father above.

As a youth He astounded scholars with knowledge untold,

Then His ministry to mankind began to unfold.

His message was simple to all who would draw near—

About believing, healing, love, and all life held dear.

But sin ruled the hearts of those who would not listen,

And from His head the blood droplets did glisten.

He died for all guilty of sin and dross—

From infant to beautiful flower, our Christ on the cross!

But that does not end this story—

Christ is at the right hand of God, and the flower blooms in glory!

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